Disbursement Options

     Tax preparation fees can vary depending on the complexity of the tax return.  Fees can be paid either up front when the return is complete or deducted from your refund. Paying when the return is complete their will not be any additional fees.  Fagundo Income Tax Service has the lowest additional add-on fee compared to many main stream company's that over charge customers for the same type of options to have the fee deducted from the refund.

     There are 3 different options that you can be able to receive your income tax refund, either direct deposit, check, or a prepaid Visa Card. 

     Direct Deposit – Customers who choose Direct Deposit will have their refund proceeds deposited electronically into the bank account they provide. Please make sure that you bring the account number and routing number for the bank that you wish to you; if you do not know the routing number please contact your bank prior to filing so you can have the information on hand.

    Check – Customers who choose a check will not need anything else other than the paper work that is needed to file your tax return.

     E1 Visa Prepaid Card – The E1 Card is a prepaid Visa card that provides customers with the safety and convenience of a prepaid card account. Because the card is instant-issue, the customer will walk out of the tax office with their card in hand. Once the IRS or State makes a deposit the customer will be notified via text or email (if they previously registered to be notified) that the funds are available on their card. No trip back to the office and no worries. The customer can also go to any Green Dot MoneyPak Universal Reload, MoneyGram, Visa ReadyLink or INGO Money location to have funds loaded onto their card; as well as having their employer paychecks or benefits direct deposited to their card.